Here are some things our customers have had to say about us!

[GeoWorx] did a great job of keeping me informed by mailing me inspection reports, weekly telephone calls, etc.  I certainly appreciate the high quality, knowledgeable people you put on the job.  Thank you!

Homeowner, Ocean City, NJ
[GeoWorx] was accurate and helpful with their advice in dealing with the State of New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection.  [GeoWorx] was always available to answer questions and speed up the process to the best of their ability, while meeting the letter of the law, and properly handling what is obviously an environmental nightmare.  Personally, it was very reassuring to have them in our corner from the first day we discovered the problem, to the day we received the State's Letter of "No Further Action Needed."

Homeowner, Fanwood, NJ

[My husband] and I were talking the other night about how much of a mess we had this spring/summer.  But thanks to you our mess wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been.  You walked us through what seemed to us as the biggest disaster and made it seem much more manageable.  You were patient when we asked the same questions over and over.  You were understanding and helpful with regards to what we needed to do to clean the leak up.  And lastly you were kind.  So thank you again for all of your guidance and help with our oil tank leak.  We are now settled in our new house and we can't thank you enough for making the transaction go through!

Homeowner, Chatham, NJ

My wife and I would like to thank you for the totally superior job that GeoWorx did in the recently completed oil tank project on our property.  It was simply an amazing undertaking, one that you handled with complete professionalism.  Every stage of the task was obviously well thought out and executed, which went very far in placating my continued fears throughout the process.  ('What the heck have we gotten ourselves into?!! was uttered a number of times by yours truly...)

Every stage of the project, from the analysis, to the removal, and finally to the rehabbing of the property, went smoothly.  You were always available for any questions or comments on my part, and that contributed mightily to my own confidence in your team and provided crucial peace-of-mind for us as homeowners.  We received our "No Further Action" letter at the beginning of October, and no greater sigh of relief was ever relished by a household.  We greatly look forward to recommending your company to anyone in our circles who might be in need of your services.

Homeowner, Cherry Hill, NJ

We want to express our appreciation for the leadership that you have shown as site manager for the soil remediation at our home that began late in 2009 and continued into the spring of 2010 with the final New Jersey State approval received last month. 

The discovery of a leaking tank is something that no homeowner wants to happen on their property, but it is now clear why [our insurance company] chose GeoWorx to effectively handle our remediation.  It is necessary to have geologists like yourself to professionally evaluate the situation found on site, to determine not only the appropriate digging required but also to handle special engineering situations such as existed with the closeness of our porch foundation to the excavation, and to respond clearly to the numerous questions of the client.  In a word, you understood our concerns and effectively responded to them. 

We especially appreciated your knowledge of the New Jersey DEP remediation process and your prompt follow-up on phone calls.  This kept us "in the loop" from beginning to end and minimized our stress throughout the process. 

Please be assured that we will strongly recommend you and your firm to any of our neighbors and to any fellow [insureds] who may need your services in the future. 

Homeowner, Milford, NJ

To all of the staff at GeoWorx who worked on our project, I offer sincere thanks and appreciation for a job well done.  Your friendly, professional manner made the remediation process much less difficult than we had anticipated.  You were a pleasure to work with.

Homeowner, Medford Lakes, NJ

Throughout this entire ordeal you have been professional and thorough.  You always got back to me when I called, in fact most times there was no need to get back because I reached you immediately.  You were always very patient with my questions explaining the process and everything else in a manner which I could understand.  You have just been OUTSTANDING.  Thank you so very much.

Homeowner, Little Silver, NJ