Site Delineation

Using one of several different sizes of sampling equipment, samples will be collected radiating out from the tank location until the boundaries of the contamination have been found. The sampling equipment, known as Geoprobe units, feature a stainless steel core sampler which allows us to examine cores of soil in two to four foot segments.  Equipment will be chosen based on the strength of the machine needed and the space available for the equipment to access the impacted area.
Soil cores will be removed from the ground in dedicated sleeves, and the cores will be inspected to determine the extent of contamination.  After a soil boring is completed, a PVC temporary well point will be installed and water will be drawn from the well point and inspected.  The soil borings are approximately 3" in diameter, and will be filled in after the delineation is completed.  Track mats and plywood can be used to protect landscaping.